The Old Forums is a name given to the "original" set of Club Penguin forums hosted by Miniclip.


Before having their own dedicated forum the Club Penguin community was one of many subforums on the main Miniclip discussion board. This forum opened in March 2006 with the debut of the game on the homepage and closed in March 2007 with the advent of MCCP, or The New Forums. Up until mid-2009 the original Club Penguin forum link was a redirect to MCCP.

Early Conflicts Edit

At first many Miniclippers didn't take kindly to the penguins, and a negative attitudes about the forumers began to spring up. A few, more isolated, incidents include the various banning of forumers from the rest of the MCforums.

The general attitude towards forumers or, "penguins" has improved quite considerably since these times of early conflict. Though there are those who still treat the forumers with disrespect, there are very few of these people.

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