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Colin McMenemy, CyberRaptor007

Colin McMenemy, known on the forums as Tetsumonchi (phonetically "tet-soo-monch-eye"), is an admin on the Miniclip forums. His status on MCCP sits as Administrator to match his rank on both communities.


Having spent much time already on the Miniclip Forums in the summer of 2006 Tetsumonchi was appointed as a global moderator and later specifically assigned to help moderate The Old Forums with Dracophile. He followed the rest of the community in 2007 with the move to The New Forums as a moderator. Tetsumonchi was appointed to take Dracophile's place as an administrator on the original Mincilip forums in 2009, his rank was changed to administrator on MCCP to match his rank across both communities (such as Ben and Tim).

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  • He is also a known fan of anime and egyptology.

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