Snake's n' Thangs was Dracophile's Just For Fun forum to talk about reptiles.


Reptile thread tag rule Edit

One of the forum's rules is that all threads must use the "REPTILES!" thread tag. Otherwise, the user who posted without the tag will be "bitten" by a reptile and banned for a short period of time, typically a day or two. Dracophile has been known to make exceptions to this rule in the past and is not particularly strict about upholding it when there is a surge of new threads posted just because people wish to be banned. For a short period of time it was actually trendy to intentionally post a thread without the tag and get "bitten".

The first "exception" the reptile thread tag rule occurred when Vital Viper posted a rebellion thread using his "APPROVED" tag. Because this tag depicts a snake it was allowed on technicality. A second exception came about when a user questioned if Dracophile should be banned for using the "RFS THREAD" tag to make an announcement in the forum. It was determined that because the tag has a dragon on it it too qualified as a "reptile" tag.

In an effort to raise awareness during the first trial run of Snakes N Thangs Vital Viper broke the reptile tag rule several times with his "Party Patrol" account.

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