The Scary Emote (sometimes known as :scary:) is a memetic image that has been edited and posted many times on the MCCP forum.


The "scary emote" is derived from Club Penguin's in-game equivalent of the ":D" face. Club Penguin's original emoticon fell under legal jurisdiction from Yahoo! because it was deemed "too similar" to the logo for Yahoo! Instant Messenger, so New Horizon Interactive was forced to redo the design. Because MCCP is not under the same legal umbrella as the Club Penguin game the MCCP forums continue to use the original emoticon as a replacement for ":D", however in keeping up with the tradition of making Club Penguin icons and emoticons into forum emoticons Dracophile needed to find a place for this new Club Penguin face.

Upon release many threads in the forum had been created expressing a disliking of the game's new emoticon, many of which called it "scary". Dracophile then decided to make the shortcut text for the emoticon be ":scary:" which to this day is still the proper shortcut to use the emote.

The Scary Emote first became a staple of RFSHQ lore when an administrator there (believed to be ss_toast although this is not confirmed) blew the image up several times its size, traced it using Adobe Flash, and posted it in a thread called "RAPEFACE2000". "Rapeface" (forum shortcut :rapeface:) was a prior meme from RFSHQ that used AOL Messenger's equivalent of ":D", so this new spiritual successor caught on rather fast and MCCP's Scary Emote was added to RFSHQ as the shortcut :rapeface2000:. MCCP forumers who were active on RFSHQ at the time brought the image macro version of the Scary Emote meme to MCCP effectively giving it a second life.

Because of the nature of MCCP it is generally frowned upon to refer to the image macro as "RAPEFACE2000". The name is commonly changed to "SCARYFACE2000", an achievement on the forum reflected this notion.


Because of its creepy appearance Scary Emote soon became popular with MCCP users. Some even consider it MCCP's own version of Awesome Face.

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