Samwesty was a MCCP former forum moderator.


Samwesty joined MCCP in eary-mid 2008. He became a moderator of both MCCP and TIS in September 2009. He is perhaps best known for The Forum Focus Newspaper and The MCCP Event Log. He was also known for his interest in politics, including US politics (even though he is from England).

Leaving MCCPEdit

In late April 2010, Samwesty left MCCP for what he says could be forever. He claims to have left due to current events in his own life including preparing for university and school exams. It is also noted that he left earlier than planned due to an incident involving the leaking of scandals that had happened in the mod forum, which led to his eventual resignation as a mod. Dracophile later made a Mod Blog about the situation to explain rumors that arose from the leaking of the information.

To announce his official leaving, Samwesty made his first and last Mod Blog, explaining why he was leaving.


  • Samwesty has become largely associated with Uncle Sam by the forumers. This because he has used his image as an avatar for a lot of his time on the forum.

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