QAZARPENGUIN (known as QAZAR on MCCP) was formerly a notable personality in the Club Penguin community and was a major part of The Old Forums. He is perhaps most well known for his group Los Mariachis, his unreleased game DragonPlay, and for constantly being on the bad side of Dracophile.


QAZARPENGUIN joined the Club Penguin forums and quickly became popular with the community as he helped cultivate the budding idea of starting in-game clubs or alliances. His club Los Mariachis is considered to be one of the first large-scale clubs in Club Penguin and grew to such a size that he started his own message board for it because the newly made rules for starting clubs was far too confining for large clubs such as his.

QAZAR was a supporter of art and also gained popularity for his unconventional tutorials about how to draw penguins and make effects using Microsoft PowerPoint when so many users were using Microsoft Paint to draw and were having a difficult time doing so. His methods were often lampooned but the effects provided by PowerPoint offered something different for those frustrated with Paint. His fascination with making artwork spilled into his massive project called DragonPlay, a game that was largely inspired by Club Penguin but instead replaced penguins with dragons.

QAZAR was beside Vital Viper and several other users in their defiance with Dracophile (then known as RFS), unhappy that someone of his stature was in charge of Club Penguin at Miniclip. While other users warmed up to Dracophile, QAZAR remained against him, going as far as to impolitely troll him on occasions but making sure to only "bend" rules rather than break them. Dracophile grew tired of QAZAR and once changed his post rank to "I DON'T KNOW HOW TO POST WELL YOU SHOULD PROBABLY IGNORE ME" before ultimately giving him the "Club Penguin Ban", locking him in the Club Penguin forum on Miniclip and preventing him from posting anywhere else.

It is worth noting that on MCCP Qazar was banned not by infractions but by a staff decision that ended unanimously (10-0) in favor of banning him from the forums.


Today QAZARPENGUIN (now known as Qazar) presently is a highly ranked SketchStar artist on Miniclip. He is no longer affiliated with Club Penguin.

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