NSLARP, or Not-So-Live Action Roleplay, is a JFF section of the MCCP forum. NSLARP began its course as a one-month trial like all Just For Fun forums and was moderated by Spem. The popularity of the forum proved to be incredibly massive and NSLARP became the first JFF to "graduate" into a long-term addition to MCCP and was not sent to The Archive at the end of its month.

Land Of Fives Edit

The Land of Fives is a special archive for all of the good-read roleplays after they end. Ironically named since the roleplays don't need a 5 star rating to get put in there, and there are a large quantity of terrible roleplays in there that didn't even make 30 pages.

But there are some amazing roleplays with good users in them, such as into the forest series, the sea side academy for the gifted series. and saints school of magic series and the stranded on a desert island roleplays. Were all brilliant roleplays that each series, if not each thread, reached a thousand posts.

Titanic II currently holds the record for the most posts with over 1,700.

Sea side academy for the gifted holds the record with the most posts throughout the series.

and Leader706 holds the record for being in the most roleplays that got to the land of fives, that being 16.

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