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The Miniclip Club Penguin Forums, frequently abbreviated MCCP, is the "official" unofficial message board for players of the Club Penguin online game. The community originally debuted in March 2006 when Club Penguin was added to Miniclip's official lineup of games. Initially Club Penguin's community did not have an assigned supervisor because of its small stature, but later that year in May Dracophile (then known as RFS) was asked to come aboard as a Moderator to supervise and organize the forum. Dracophile has remained the only officially assigned overseer of the MCCP community since he was originally asked for the position.

The Old Forums

The term "The Old Forums" when used in discussion generally refers to the original incarnation of MCCP when it was one of many subforums under Miniclip's umbrella of discussion forums. When the community was small and manageable this proved well enough in keeping things under control; when the community grew exponentially is when the management issues began. Because the average age of the Club Penguin community was far less than the average age of Miniclip's community everywhere else, the generation gap prevented both communities from effectively getting along with one another and problems with in-house spamming and trolling developed.

The New Forums

Generally speaking "The New Forums" is the equivalent of saying "MCCP"; the two names are interchangeable, however "The New Forums" was used prior to MCCP having it's official name... of MCCP. The idea to split Club Penguin into its own community was devised by Dracophile and officially posted for Miniclip's staff consideration on Christmas Day 2006; however MCCP did not officially open until March 2, 2007. With the split Dracophile chose to stay with Club Penguin and assisted in managing the main forums until Tetsumonchi eventually took his place.

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