MCCP Status Tracker is a website that is used to stay in touch and relay important status information and updates to users in the event that MCCP is inaccessible to the general population. The MCCP Status Tracker uses numerous mediums through which to notify it's members, some of these include the site itself, Twitter and Email.


The MCCP Status Tracker was created shortly after the infamous March 3rd, 2010 forum outage. The unexpected 9-day outage left many of MCCP's users confused and lost as to where MCCP had gone. The need for the status tracker came when many users were just discovering that MCCP was experiencing technical difficulties 8 days into the 9-day outage. Days after the outage when MCCP had finally returned, many uninformed users had thought that MCCP was deleted or was gone forever.

Contact MethodsEdit

The MCCP Status Tracker uses various methods to get in contact with it's subscribers, here is a list of those mediums:

  • Blog Posts
  • RSS Feeds
  • Twitter
    • SMS alerts if you enable the feature for your Twitter account.
  • E-Mail Alerts

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