Discussion Forums are the separately categorized discussion topics.

The Fine Print - Important forums containing community news, announcements, and other important postings.:

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Moderators: Dracophile
Moderators: Dracophile
  • Moderator Blogs - It's like L/E, the only exception is that everyone has a funny colored name.
Moderators: We don't need no moderators!
Moderators: Dracophile

The Club Penguin Forums - Discussion forums for every facet of the Club Penguin game.:

Moderators: The Forum Moderation Staff
  • Clubs & Teams - Start your own failing team in Club Penguin or join someone else's! One club per user. No exceptions.
Moderators: Dalton, Samwesty999
  • Fan Art & Stories - Have you drawn or written anything about penguins? Share it here for others to comment on!
Moderators: FunnyBoy, Samwesty999
  • Meetings & Parties - Arrange meet-ups and throw parties with all of your buddies and friends, and than get prepared for bot-spam.
Subforums: Movie Meet-Ups
    Moderators: Samwesty999, 
Movie Meet-Ups - If you're planning on filming a Club Penguin movie, please use this subforum to arrange actors and such.
Moderators: Dalton, Poisenman101
Moderators: Poisenman101
  • Secrets & Other Spoilers - Share agent mission guides, pin & item locations, and any other kind of walkthrough information here.
Moderators: FunnyBoy, Poisenman101
  • Programming Penguins - Working on a fan game or other nifty tool? Post about it here! Be sure to read the stickies in this forum or else
Moderators: ToM!
Moderators: Dalton, Hamustar, Poisenman101

General Discussion - Discussion forums for everything not Club Penguin-related.:

  • General Chat - Talk about anything that doesn't have an appropriate forum.
Moderators: The Forum Moderation Staff
Moderators: kogeck, Makarov, Samwesty999
  • Jokes & Funny Stuff - Feel free to share your jokes & riddles with us, as long as they are not funny.
  • The Sports Superdome - Discuss sports such as Diamond Bags, Sand Sphere, Iced Canes, and Helmet Touch! <-- :O LOOK WHO MADE A FUNNY
Subforums: Pigskin Pick'Em 2009
    Moderators: Lux Aeterna, Makarov, ToM!,
 Pigskin Pick'Em 2009 - How well can you guess NFL winners? If you're an eagle-eyed fan you just might win our contest!
  • C+P Music Factory - Let's talk about Muse or Justin Bieber(no links to illegal downloads Greenday)!
Moderators: kogeck, Lux Aeterna, Makarov
  • Television Vision - Discussion for your favorite television shows. Commercials optional.
Moderators: Samwesty999
  • Film & Cinema - Unless you happen to own a 25 foot television(What if i do?), chances are you're at the movies.
Moderators: FunnyBoy, Lux Aeterna, Samwesty999
  • World News Network - Tonight on Five Action News: Boy saves dog with juice box. More at 11.
Moderators: Poisenman101, ToM!
  • Words On Paper - A little alcove for the few of you who enjoy the lost treasure of reading a Harry Potter or CHERUB book.
Moderators: Lux Aeterna, Makarov
Moderators: Guardian Ou, kogeck

Creative Corner - A special place for our creative users to post their artwork and projects.:

  • Digital Artwork - A forum for users to show off their GIMP/Photoshop/Flash and other digital media skills to have them get flamed.
Subforums: Requests & Trades, "GFX" Teams
    Moderators: FunnyBoy, kogeck, 
Requests & Trades - Get/offer help in resizing pictures, making avatars or signatures, or trade artwork here!, 
  • Traditional Artwork - A forum where users who prefer to get their hands dirty can show drawings, paintings, sculptures and more.
Moderators: FunnyBoy, kogeck
  • The Writer's Block - A forum for all of our talented/aspiring writers to share their prose, poetry, songs, and stories. <--- More like Lindsey's grave
Moderators: kogeck, Lux Aeterna, Makarov
  • MCCP-TV - The place where all of our independent filmmakers can share and critique each others' short films. <---- Is this even used anymore?
Moderators: Dracophile

Electronics Etc. - Discussion forums for video games, computers, and anything electronic.:

Moderators: Dracophile, Lux Aeterna, Makarov
  • Bonus Round - General video game discussion that doesn't fit into the other forums.
Moderators: Dracophile
Moderators: Dracophile, Makarov

Just For Fun:

  • Posting Games II - The playground out behind the cafeteria. Don't go on the slide.
Moderators: ALTON BROWN
    Open: Oct 2007 - Present
Subforums: The Land Of 5's
    Moderators: Guardian Ou, kogeck
    Open: Jan 2008 - Present, The Land of 5's - An archive of the best RP's from the NSLARP forum. A great read on a rainy day.
Moderators: Dalton
    Open: Feburary 2010
Moderators: Poisenman101
    Open: January 2010

The Archive - A public archive of noteworthy and memorable threads and old Just For Fun forums.:

  • The Archive - Old fun forums and other fun pieces of forum history are preserved here.
Moderators: Dracophile, '''Treasure Hunt Contest - Win fabulous prizes in this tricky scavenger hunt!
    Moderators: TnT
    Open: Jan 2008, '''Super Hero Lounge - Where reptiles and penguins unite in harmony... NOT.
    Moderators: Vital Viper 
    Open: Nov 2007, Jan 2009 - Feb 2009, '''Snakes N' Thangs - This is what happens when Dracophile is in charge.
    Moderators: Dracophile
    Open: Dec 2007, Mar 2008, Dec 2008, May 2009, '''Miniclip CP Forum Squares - Join your favorite forum reptile(s?) and test your trivia knowledge in this mini-gameshow!
    Moderators: Vital Viper
    Open: Mar 2008 - May 2008, '''The MCCP R*@$T - "Compliment" your fellow users and staff here.
    Moderators: Roastmaster
    Open: May 2008, '''uPick - Is your idea good enough for the next Just For Fun forum? If it gets the most votes it may very well be!
    Moderators: Roastmaster
    Open: Periodically, '''The M.A.P.'s - Most Accredited Penguins - The 100 most notable forum personalities from MCCP's history. Current Status: Canceled - Stay Tuned
Moderators: Roastmaster
    Open: Dec 2008 - March 2009, [[Banner Production Facility ØØ8] - Submit your designs for a new MCCP banner and vote on the winners! Top 3 go into circulation!
    Moderators: Spem
    Open: July 2009, '''uPick: Murder Mystery - Can you figure out who "killed" your favorite forum members in this whodunit mystery?
    Moderators: kogeck
    Open: July 2009, '''The MCCP R*@$T of Dracophile - MCCP's "lovable" admin of 3 years and running, Dracophile, gets what's coming. (Roastmaster: Vital Viper)
    Moderators: Roastmaster
    Open: September 2009, '''uPick: MCCP Popularity Contest - Do you have The Popular? Participate in the contest or spectate from the sidelines to help vote out those who don't have it.
    Moderators: Steve Green
    Open: September 2009, '''Hot or Not? - Are you hot stuff or social leftovers? Seeking the approval of your peers? Inquire within.
    Moderators: Vital Viper
    Open: Oct 2009, '''Achievement Unlocked - Learn about, keep track of, and discuss your MCCP "achievements".
    Moderators: Dracophile
    Open: Feb 2009 - Nov 2009, '''Achievement Tracking & Progress - Share your progress with others and discuss your goals and strategies with others., '''uPick: Your Life - Your life is just one big role playing game. Come play that "game" in here.
    Moderators: Ohff
    Open: November 2009, '''BBSP: Super Spooktacular Edition - Oh no I hope there's no ghosts in here. ;___;
    Moderators: Roastmaster
    Open: WHENEVER, WHEREVER, Chrismahanukawanzaka Forum - Regardless of which holiday you and your family is celebrating this year, this forum is your Holiday Central! Moderators: ? Open: Holiday 2009, MCCP Film Production Forum - Forum for the organization of the MCCP movie in 2010. Open: ? Moderators: Dracophile
    Prediction Addiction - Are you in sync with the users around you? If you think like they do you just might win this game of guesstimation. Moderators: Vital Viper Open: November 2009
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