Leelad999, or more commonly reffered to as just leelad, is one of the forums eldest users. Joining on March 5th 2007, he remains one of the only users to have joined on the opening week and still be active within the forums. Although he is by no means the most popular user on the forums, he is still well liked by most users for his Role Playing and love of Mangoes.

Leelad is mostly found in the Sports Superdome part of the forums with his fellow Soccer fanatics or the Role Playing section where he has had two RPs entered into the Land of 5's (Lost and Brittania College.) After three years on the Forums, Leelad has something to be remembered by, his own Forum. Leelad's Soccer Prediction Comeptition was created in late July and had a disorganised origin after Leelad was on Holiday while the forum was created. But upon his return to England he got the forum up and running.

Leelad also claims to be "The Forums only scouser." and "The forums #1 mango fan" which both appear to be true, although there did use to be a user who was also from Liverpool. Leelad could also be credited with the return of uPick after making a thread about a possible return for the forum.

Leelad has left the forum on two occasions, most infamously after he blasted Sebestian in Spems leaving thread and created an argument between the forums. Leelad has since apologised to Sebestian and Spem but it is not known if they saw the apology or not. Leelad also left the forum for what was believed to be for ever in March 2010 but soon returned to the forum in June after he was led to believe the World Cup would be getting its own forum. After that did not materialise it was thought that leelad would leave the forum for ever after the World Cup but decided to stay after getting his wish of a Soccer prediction forum. Leelad will probably stay until the forums extinction.


  • Leelad reached his 3,000th post in August 2010.
  • Leelad has recieved 4 infractions since he joined, 3 of them being reversed.
  • Leelad is from Liverpool, England and is a massive Soccer fan in general but supports Liverpool F.C
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