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'''Laila''' is a 13 year old girl from England.
She joined the forum at 9, and was banned until Feb. 09. After a banning she returned, only to get 5 infractions and be re-banned. Laila then found herself making many alt. accounts to fulfil her time on MCCP. The most succesful alt. was Dr. Random, when found out and banned had a total of around 3,500 posts.
Laila, along with Bloopinator/Natalie have got CPCoolness banned, framing him/her for being underage, hacked Ohff, Link4562 and Kailey. Much of the hate for the hacks went towards Natalie, who ha previously hacked Link4562 on her own.
Laila (previously domo-laila, her accounts now merged) has returned to MCCP with a clean slate (though being banned for hacking after re-joining, she is back on MCCP now, however).
==Source Hacking==
If Laila came to a spam, that '''Lailo Dahms''', her boyfriend's full name, his puffles were banned too. Like the '''Karaoke Randomness''', Like E.B. from the movie HOP, was 'pat slamming' against Darktan Anator. When for all agency E.B. borrows Tom's Astro-Suit. E.B. calls "Fire!" and dash attacks Darktan.

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