The Generic Introduction Forum, as it is now called, is a throw-back posting area that was concieved shortly after the creation of the Miniclip Club Penguin Forums. It's purpose was to do just as the name implies; to introduce the members of the community to each other, and as an added bonus, to state if someone was breaking away from the message boards. It was then taken down late in 2007, seeing as users were abusing it to gain a quick fifteen minutes of attention and a few extra posts.


User 1: "Okay, I'm leaving, I can tell I'm not wanted here. Bye"
   User 2: "NO don't go we need you!"
   User 3: "yeah don't go you're cool stay with us"
   User 1: "Aw thanks guys I'll stay. *smilie face*"

To fill its void the Leaving & Returning thread was created in the General Chat forum.

As of December 21st, 2009, it has returned and it's waters are being tested. Though already controversy has arisen again, some forumers feel that the forum is only being used as a quick way to raise post count.

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