December 21, 2012 (also known as Mayan Day or Day Of Doom) is the rumor that the world will end on that day according to the Mayan calender.


Since The New Forum's creation in 2007 the subject of this for discussion began to pick up speed and became a recurring thread posted in the General Discussion forum.


Many users clamored for a subforum devoted entirely to the speculation of this fateful day, and after a dead thread was revived by another poster Dracophile added a "subforum" for discussion in the Just For Fun category of forums. The forum was added on January 4, 2009.

The forum itself is simply a redirect link to a RickRoll and there is no real place to discuss the end of the world. Roastmaster is listed as the forum's moderator and even has posts that were moved into the "subforum" but it was merely all a ploy to get users to fall for the gag, and a sort of championing hope that we will neither give up nor let each other down (or run around and desert each other).

"2012 has come early"Edit

"2012 has come early" and similar phrases are used by forumers to refer to what they view as a horrible event, such as the release of a Souljaboy videogame, the forums going down, and any other events they view as momentously bad. This phrase only really came into use after the Forum Day of Doom, it was used to compare December 21, 2012 with what then seemed to be the forum's untimely end.

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