Cartoon Doll Emporium was the full name of an outside community that staged a raid against The Old Forums.


A former pasttime of Dracophile (known as RFS at the time) was to create joke threads where people who posted would be banned for 1 day and for a silly reason. Hannahmontannah13 [sic], a Club Penguin user, posted in the thread simply because everyone else was doing so; she did not understand the point of the thread. Upon discovering she would be banned hannahmontannah13 posted several more times in a row pleading not to be banned as well as going as far as to blank her first post in the thread. She went as far as to start an entire thread directed toward Dracophile to contest her imminent ban, which was disregarded. Despite her multiple posts in the thread hannahmontannah13 was banned for 1 day.

Reporting back to Cartoon Doll Emporium with tales of victimization, friends of hannahmontannah13 began to register on the forums with the intent to harass and troll users, but they never made any progress whatsoever as they were easily outcontested by forum regulars who didn't have any idea of what was going on. Posters hailing from the CDE community had no grasp on how to insult people, so users were called "hypocrites" among other things with groundless reasons. Dracophile laid out immediate permabans and IP bans to users registering with the intent to troll the forums. In the process, hannahmontannah13's ban was maximized to a permaban and the "raid" ended shortly thereafter.


Prior to the surge of the iamthewalrus scare many times the threat of a raid or a spam attack was quelled by a staff member or veteran user claiming that Cartoon Doll Emporium was behind the attack.

The Cartoon Doll Emporium is considered to be a dead meme.

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