A sketch of Billy by one of his fellow staff members.

Billy Mays was a TV Pitchman with a loud voice.


He appeared advertising many products, Such as Oxi-clean and Zorbeez, but his big break came with the TV show, Pitchmen. Though he was popular in internet culture before this time. Before the first season on DVD was released, he passed away of Heart failure. He was 50 years old.


The forums first started falling in love with Billy when Dracophile posted the thread "The Billy Mays Megathread" in the forum jokes and funny stuff where it replaced the "Lionel Coin Bank Megathread". There users could imitate him, poke fun at him, and all around have fun talking about him. The Billy Mays megathread was unstickied after a couple of months in favor of the Shamwow megathread, making people who weren't megafans of him to all but forget about him. That is, until June 29th, 2009. Billy died on that day, prompting most of the forums to celebrate and grieve for him. Dracophile also perma-stickied the Billy Mays megathread. His legacy still lives on to this day.

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