Admin X was the name of a fake Administrator account created by Dracophile as part of a staged hoax.


Admin XEdit

The forums were "hacked" by Admin X and Dracophile was Permabanned. Admin X was created shortly after returning problem user Sebastian came back once again with threats to destroy the forums. Dracophile instantly ran with the threats and after banning Sebastian's new account the Admin X fiasco was staged.

The prank backfired and was too believable, many users reported to Miniclip regarding the hoax and after an exchange of messages between employees and staff, it was communicated that pranks of this magnitude are to no longer played. Despite this, some semi-traumatic events are initially thought to be pranks pulled by Dracophile.

Admin X IIEdit

For April Fools 2009, Admin X made a return appearance. He claimed to have sent by corporate to "clean up" up the forums, saying Club Penguin was "serious business". While on the forums he did little other than complain about the current staff and pretend to fire them.

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