1-800-RFS-SEXY, is a in joke among MCCP users about the fake telephone number included Dracophile's "RFS SEXY" parody ad.

Origin Edit

RFS sexy

The "RFS Gone Wild 2" image.

The number comes from Dracophile's old parody ad "RFS Gone Wild 2". The ad parodies old risque commercial VHS tape sets. The image features Dracophile in his room looking rather giddily towards the viewer while pulling his shirt up, thus exposing his chest. There is a brightly colored box with text that reads "100% HOT" over his chest so that part of his body is obscured. The title in the upper left corner says, "RFS GONE WILD II". Finally in the upper right hand corner there is text that suggests the reader, "CALL NOW!", at their number, 1-800-RFS-SEXY.

There actually is a previous entry in the series, as there was an original "RFS Gone Wild" image made in the same vein as the one that spawned the telephone number catchphrase. It was posted to a community board outside of the Miniclip network of websites. As a copy of the image has proven to be impossible to locate, it is considered one of the "holy grails" of MCCP.


This image didn't get a whole lot of attention until it reappeared in certain MCCP thread sometime 2007. Upon seeing that his parody ad had been posted Dracophile posted in response complaining about how he couldn't ever seem to get rid of this old embarrassing image and how he wished it would stop showing up. This helped prompt several instances of "1-800-RFS-SEXY" on MCCP, and even more on the now defunct Gatoraids forums whose members were comprised mostly of MCCP members.

Since "1-800-RFS-SEXY" contains the proper amount of digits for a US based telephone number such that it can be dialed on any cellphone with a numeric/alphabetical keypad, as 1-800-737-7399, some forumers made jokes about actually calling the number and getting strange results, such as being greeted by a man asking for their wallet. However, forumer Johh-H was the first to actually do so and recorded his call from Skype. Coincidentally, the phone line is used for a risque sex service.

The video contains suggestive, but not explicit language, view at your own discretion.

thumb|left|180px|MCCP user John-H calls 1-800-RFS-SEXY

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